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I'm collector, recording artist and "armchair musicologist" Gregg Miner - proprietor of this site.
On it, you can visit my private museum of rare stringed instruments...

and also purchase recordings of music made with these instruments - many rarely, or never, heard before on CD!

This page will inform you of my latest updates.

July, 2023: I'm releasing a 3rd Christmas Collection CD on November 1. Pre-order now!

January, 2020: Completed a new article (in PDF form) on the unusual bowed zithers in my collection.

December, 2019: I added 1900s Music Trade Review Announcements to my Dolceola Pages. Over at Harp Guitar Music, I updated the (now 8!) Timberline harp guitar models I co-designed. I also spent 2019 publishing a short book on the Dyer harp mandolin family and producing and releasing a compilation CD of my late friend Hirokatsu Takai.

June, 2018: Updated my Visitors page with recent guests.

October, 2017: Released my epic CD (and later, book) Norwegian Wood on my Harp Guitar Music label.

April, 2017: I added an article about a new museum acquisition, the c.1895 Zimmermann Concert Grand Autoharp.

November, 2016: I posted a blog with my comments about a new Washington Phillips CD/Book release.

July, 2016: I updated the Appearances page with two October harp guitar events.

September, 2015: I updated both Washington Phillips pages with a new discovery, and also Dolceola ads and catalog pages.

September, 2015: I recently had a wild ride submitting a Wikipedia entry, getting it published, then deleted.  The site mystifies me!  You can read the whole hilarious story on my blog and I've posted the original content here

March, 2015: A momentous occasion!  The Grove Dictionary of Musical Instruments (Second Edition) was finally published in December and includes several new entries I authored or edited.

January, 2015: Updated my (rare) Appearances.

December, 2013: My friend Brad Hoyt's new CD just released on my Harp Guitar Music label.  I play on 2 great tracks!

August, 2013: I updated my virtual museum page - this is almost now current, but of course won't be for long.

December, 2012: Nice to see that I'm still getting reviews for A Christmas Collection...here's a new one.

November, 2012: Added a special new CD that I produced and appear on.  Also, Appearances includes some 2012 appearances and includes my reports from the 10th Anniversary Harp Guitar Gathering.

August, 2012: Updated my Articles page.

November, 2011: Just released: Two fantastic new CD compilation releases on my Harp Guitar Music label: Christmas Present and Further Beyond Six StringsBoy, am I lucky to be in such good company!

October, 2011: Just back from the 9th annual Harp Guitar Gathering - another amazing weekend!

July, 2011: I updated and expanded the original Fretless Zither article.

April, 2011: The Complete Inventory List of the Miner Museum has been completely updated with full photographs, for a total "virtual museum" experience!

September, 2010: Beginning a daily Harp Guitar-related blog.

April, 2010: New appearances in print and on YouTube...

January, 2010: A review of my 4 recent Harp Guitar Music releases, with an in-depth interview here.  Plus a review/interview with Philippe Fouquet, whose new CD is one of the four I co-produced.

December, 2009: "The Dog Project" CD is complete!  A co-production of my wife and me, with several friends contributing. 
Plus a new CD by my friend Brad Hoyt, we co-produced for my Harp Guitar Music label (and which I played on).

February, 2009: A brief interview appeared regarding the Dolceola.  Plus several new reviews on Harp Guitar Dreams.  Also an update or 2 for the collection.

July, 2008: The new CD compilation I produced is out!  Plus (brief) new Appearances schedule.

January, 2008: Added a new CD guest appearance.

August 26, 2007: Scored a nice interview on NPR.

July, 2007: Added 2007 appearances and a couple of my new online articles.

August 25, 2006: My new label and online store, Harp Guitar Music, makes its debut!  And check up on latest appearances.

March 6, 2006: I added an Articles Index page, which lists all Musical Instrument articles (though not all the photo essays) on both this site and Harpguitars.net.

February 21, 2006: I finally added my Visitors to the Miner Museum scrapbook page. Plus this year's rare appearances...
Also please note our new mailing address: Miner Music, P.O. Box 573155, Tarzana, CA 91357.

November 1st, 2005 marks the tenth anniversary of the day A Christmas Collection was released, Miner Music was born, and the Miner Museum of Vintage, Exotic & Just Plain Unusual Musical Instruments went public. To celebrate, I have created a new (and highly collectible) sleeve for the original CD set and booklets, and lowered the price! See CD offer and new easy payment shopping cart through Paypal (whether you are a member or not!).

Other news in November: Two recent featured magazine articles and inclusion in a new Tribute to C. S. Lewis CD. See Appearances.

October, 2005: Back from the 3rd annual International Harp Guitar Gathering. Read all about it here!

June, 2005: Updated the Dolceola Pages Washington Phillips Study with links to new pages by Garry Harrison and mention of new Phillips CD re-release with updated notes.

May, 2005: Added some new appearances in print and radio.

February, 2005: The entire site was reconfigured onto a new hosting server. Please let me know if any links need fixing. If you have linked to any of my pages, please re-bookmark the new url. 

Added an Inventory list of the entire collection (give or take).

11/22/04: Back from the 2nd Annual Harp Guitar Gathering, and have started a new page on the event HERE
Also - a Merchandise page for you harp guitarists!

11/7/04: I'm extremely proud to present the first-ever Harp Guitar Compilation CD, Beyond Six Strings! Co-produced with top harp guitarists Stephen Bennett and John Doan, and available now -  read about it HERE!

7/1/04: Harpguitars.net, my new public site goes live! The Knutsen Archives are relocated there.

3/14/04: Added a full Site Map. Start your browsing!

2/1/04: Added a Leadbelly page and MP3 download of rare Dolceola recordings to The Dolceola Pages

11/5/03: Just back from the first ever Harp Guitar Gathering!

9/26/03: Took all new photos of my Char resophonic guitar - after retrofitting it with new gold-plated, custom-engraved hardware!

9/4/03: Obtained the critical Washington Phillips session info for The Dolceola Pages. More clues....

7/8/03: New CDR single on the Knutsen Archives!

5/5/03: NEW! The Dolceola Pages! A detailed section in three parts: The rare Dolceola, the Washington Phillips connection, and a brand new treatise on fretless zithers!

4/23/03: Added some new Links, and some "In Print" appearances to my Appearances page (so people know I'm still kicking).


Violin-shaped mandolins now featured on my Mandolinettos historical page.8/6/02

And still more mandolinettos! 6/22/02

The 100 instruments of A Christmas Collection now online! 4/03/02

More instruments and updates! 4/03/02

The Knutsen Archives are online! 6/22/02

Sewing Machine Mogul - 
or Mandolinetto Maverick?
Finally - the Great Elias Howe Mystery revealed! 03/01/02
New Acquisition 10/01/01
Finally - my own MP3 sound files!
You'll find a link at the bottom of each Instrument Page, or Click Here for main Music Clip index
New Wholesale Distribution!
Another rave review for A Christmas Collection (6 years later, it's nice to continue being discovered by new critics and fans!) 10/01/01
Back in stock! 
I Am the Great Sun - an incredible Celtic Compilation - 2 CDs for less than the price of 1 at your local store!

Paypal now accepted
PayPal.com is a completely free service that lets users send money to anyone with an email address. Sign up TODAY with a credit card and PayPal will automatically send you $5! 

More strange instruments! 3/18/01 More Links
A few more harp guitar - related links
Another embarrassing interview . . .
To promote my Caltech 2000 Holiday Show. 1/7/01
New Web Site design
Yes, I got bored once again and re-did the layout of my site to try and make it more attractive and fun. 10/1/00
  New Recording! 10/1/00

Plus -
Celtic Music Compilation
now available!

New & Improved Photos
Photos are now larger and sharper! Also, some more photos from the CD booklets which you should have by now! 10/1/00
A special page tucked away here and there...11/1/00



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