Proudly presenting:

The world's first ever Harp Guitar Compilation CD!

Produced by

Stephen Bennett,

John Doan and

Gregg Miner

13 tracks presenting the current "state of the art' in harp guitar -

- including 6 new recordings unavailable anywhere else!

Debuting at Harp Guitar Gathering II, and thereafter available from the individual artists.

If you want to order from me, CLICK HERE.


1. Don't Give Into Sorrow About Tomorrow (Tom Shinness / BMI)
            Tom Shinness: 1913 Gibson harp guitar - from Translucent Harp
2. Heavenly Earth Dance (Hasan)
            Iwan Hasan: 1991 21-string John Sullivan harp guitar
3. The Friend I Never Met (Andy McKee Music / BMI)
            Andy McKee: 1998 Ron Spillers harp guitar - from Dreamcatcher

4. Brookside Avenue (Daniel E. Lavoie / BMI)
            Dan LaVoie: 2000 Ron Spillers harp guitar - from Dan LaVoie
5. Emmetís Rising (Wahlberg Music)
            Andy Wahlberg: Dyer harp guitar, circa 1915

6. Deserted Island (Miner - String Fever Music, ASCAP)
            Gregg Miner: Knutsen harp guitar, circa 1899
7. Theme from Redwood Variations (Kline)
            James Kline: 11-string arch guitar, built by Gary Southwell, 1994 - from Troubadour's Odyssey
8. In John Fahey There Is No East or West (Doan - Heirloom Serenades / BMI)     
John Doan: 1986 20-string Sullivan-Elliott harp guitar
9. Scarborough Fair (trad., arranged Hobbs)
            Stacy Hobbs: Dyer harp guitar, circa 1915 - from Awakening of the Spirit
10. Clarsah (Anderson)
            Muriel Anderson: 2003 Mike Doolin harp requinto
11. The Long Walk Home (Dutcher - Big Little Bill Records / ASCAP)
            Bill Dutcher: 2004 J. Thomas Davis harp guitar - from upcoming release Finding Time
12. Chin Up (Berwald - Reflect On Music / BMI)
            Larry Berwald: 1999 Ron Spillers harp guitar
13. November (Bennett - Greased Pig Music / BMI)
            Stephen Bennett: 2001 Merrill Brothers harp guitar - from Music From Tsenacommacah



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