The 100 Instruments of "A Christmas Collection"

Here is each group of instruments that were used to perform the 27 selections of A Christmas Collection, as presented in the CD booklets, in the original order.

Click on photo to enlarge and read about the instruments and music made with each grouping.

Volume 1

Acoustic Guitar,

12-String Guitar,
Lap Steel, 
Piccolo Banjo

Banduras & Balalaikas

Gibson Mandolin "Orchestra" 

Gibson Banjo "Club"

Irish Harp

Renaissance Lute
& Recorders

Gibson Harp Guitars

Tenor Guitars, Resonator Mandolins, Tiple & Octofone

National & Dobro Resonator Guitars, Miner-Cello


German Theorbo

Dyer Harp Guitar

Concert Harp

Volume 2

Rare Gibsons

Knutsen Harp Guitar Family

American "Zithers"

Assorted Ukuleles

Truly Outlandish
Harp Guitars

Classical Guitar
& Unique Mandolins

Viola da Gamba,
Tromba Marina

Latin American Instruments

Koto, Yueqin

Sitar, Tambura, Esraj & Tabla

Oud, Saz, Middle East Percussion


Appendix / Glossary


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