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World Today, July, 1906


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1908ad.jpg (73940 bytes)
1908ad.jpg (73940 bytes)
American Exporter, Jan, 1908
1908ad.jpg (73940 bytes)
Dun's Review, Mar, 1908

Astute readers will notice the many different street addresses in the ads. There were apparently dozens of variations. William Hettrick explains in his paper how these were fictitious room numbers in the same building (the company's factory and office locations), most likely used in different magazines and monthly issues of same as a simple "trick" to track marketing response.

These are just a sample of their ads, slightly revamped for literally dozens of magazines and newspapers for at least four years.

(images from Kelly Williams, Jim Garber, eBay and Google Books)

dolc_ltr06.jpg (80420 bytes) This marvelous 1906 document, discussed in Hettrick's paper, seems a rather blatant (and desperate?) solicitation for sales reps. I love the line, "There is no reason why you cannot do as well ... if you have the average intelligence of a salesman." 
dolc_env06.jpg (23187 bytes) And the period envelope.

From the collection of, and courtesy of, Jim Garber

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