"Gregg Miner" model Resonator Guitar by Kerry Char

by Gregg Miner, as part of www.minermusic.com)

char_neck.jpg (22582 bytes) 
I got to choose custom trim

February, 2000
Engraved, gold-plated hardware by David Giulietti added in September, 2003.

char.jpg (25081 bytes) char_back.jpg (18854 bytes)
My pictures don't do the koa justice
char_head.jpg (26422 bytes)
The headstock design was my own

dobrologo.jpg (42291 bytes)
The Miner-cello featured the original "Miner-in-the-Moon", this features the current version
char_coverplate1.jpg (139058 bytes)
Best of all, I got to re-do the hardware after meeting master engraver, David Giulietti -who engraves for National and many top independent makers.
char_coverplate2.jpg (113108 bytes)
 I chose the "Violette" pettern - named for a special Dobro presentation model made for Rudy Dopyera's niece, ca. 1929. Like that instrument, the hardware is all gold-plated.

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